7 universities among top 150 in Global Employability rankings

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le 28 oct, 2013

Seven Canadian universities have made the 2013 Global Employability University Ranking released by Paris’ Emerging human resources consultancy. uToronto remains the top Canadian university in the rankings this year, and has made the top 20 – jumping to number 14 from 24. McGill (30), UBC (51), uMontral/HEC Montreal (59), and McMaster (73) are all in the top 100. uWaterloo and WesternU rank 114 and 119, respectively. To come up with the rankings, Emerging conducts an online survey of 2,756 recruiters from 20 countries, who are asked to draw a portrait of the ideal university and to select from a list of local universities that, in their opinion, produced the best young graduates. Next, CEOs and Chairpersons, selected amongst the top 1000 companies in 30 countries, cast a maximum of 10 votes from the local and global rankings established in phase one, with the possibility to submit additional names.