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It’s a thrilling process, akin to running a marathon, hundreds of researchers race alongside to find a cure or a vaccine.

With the Canadian government continuing to recommend physical distancing measures, many people are finding themselves confined to their homes more th

As COVID-19 continues to take its toll on the economy, speculation about the future of work abounds.

Dr. Doug Mahoney, PhD, has spent a lifetime working with viruses.

As the world prepares for future waves of COVID-19, the ability to predict mutations in the novel coronavirus even before they emerge will

COVID-19 patients who undergo surgery face increased risks of pulmonary complications or even death when compared to those not suffering from the dis

A student’s idea – brought from concept to testing by a host of Western experts – has the potential to reduce exposure to COVID-19 and lead to a safe

Professor Samira Rahimi is using real-time AI technology to track, monitor and predict COVID-19 symptoms among high-risk seniors in Montreal and Tor

This story is part of the “Making a difference” series, in which we shine a spotlight on the many ways—both big and small—that UBC communit

New AI algorithms that provide information about physical distancing, the isolation measures that a person who tested positive for C