Marc Watters

Coordinator, Data and Research

As the Coordinator of Data and Research, where he lives vicariously through Excel sheets, Marc determines trends and draws conclusions that he disseminates in simple 1- to 2-page visual summaries. He is a contributing member of the U15’s Data Exchange network. Previously, Marc was the lead information architect for an Ottawa-based strategic management consulting firm, developing and deploying new tools and techniques in data mining and visualization. He globe-trotted as an international policy and program officer for the National Research Council, implementing new international S&T policies and coordinating in-country delivery networks. He tackled the challenges of becoming an entrepreneur and student business leader, supporting the launch of Startup Canada. As a project manager, delivered 20+ projects for a regional consulting network.  Marc entered the research and analysis space by launching a student-run research and consulting firm while at university, delivering more than 30 projects specializing in the analysis and visualization of complex regional and national technology, innovation and program delivery systems.

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