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Ivan Semeniuk - Globe and Mail | Apr 10, 2017

The federal government risks turning an entire cohort of young scientists into a lost generation if it fails to better co-ordinate a growing host of under-resourced and sometimes out-of-sync organizations that su

Times Higher Education World University Rankings | Mar 13, 2017

Ahead of the Asia Universities Summit, Feridun Hamdullahpur sets out what you need to consider when carrying out industry-funded research.


By Meric Gertler and Ilse Treurnicht to thestar.com | Sep 16, 2016

There was a time when the low rise building in sunny suburbia ruled as the natural habitat of entrepreneurship and innovation, with Silicon Valley as the paradigm.

Ivan Semeniuk - Science Reporter - The Globe and Mail | Sep 6, 2016
Thirteen large-scale initiatives led by universities across Canada are the winners in a high-stakes federal competition aimed at helping the country’s top scientists make a mark in the global research arena.
By Roanna Tamburri, University Affairs | Aug 3, 2016

Presidential terminations and resignations are nothing new, even in the staid world of academia.

ICEF Monitor | Aug 1, 2016

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By Javier C. Hernandez to The New York Times | Jul 30, 2016

BEIJING — Chinese primary and secondary schools are often derided as grueling, test-driven institutions that churn out students who can recite basic facts but have little capacity for deep reasoning.

By LOUISE BROWN GTA, Education, Schools to thestar.com | Jul 26, 2016

Stop mocking that university degree as just a bachelor of barista — new research shows Canada’s post-secondary grads really do land jobs with healthy salaries, suggesting the Ivory Tower isn’t a waste of time after all.

Morgan Lowrie, The Canadian Press | Jul 23, 2016

MONTREAL -- When she heard the Canadian Space Agency is looking to recruit new astronauts, eight-year-old Sahana Khatri figured she just might be what they're looking for.

Merci Gertler Contributed to The Globe and Mail | Jul 21, 2016

Meric Gertler is president of the University of Toronto and a professor of urban-economic geography and planning.