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Julie Cafley Contributed to the Globe and Mail | Aug 19, 2015

Julie Cafley is vice-president at Canada’s Public Policy Forum. Her research focuses on higher education leadership.

Elizabeth Cannon Contributed to The Globe and Mail | Jul 7, 2015

By Mike Ramsey - The Wall Street Journal | Jun 17, 2015

Tesla Motors Inc. has locked a leading advanced battery researcher into an exclusive partnership designed to help the Palo Alto, Calif., electric-car maker sharply lower the cost of its batteries.

By Hunter Rawlings, President, AAU contributed to Washington Post | Jun 9, 2015

Pick up any paper or magazine, and you’re likely to see a front-page article on college: It costs too much, spawns too much debt, is or isn’t worth it.

Dan Breznitz Contributed to Globe and Mail | Jun 8, 2015

On May 9, The Globe and Mail published Canadians Can Innovate, But We’re Not Equipped To Win by former Res

By David T Barnard | Ottawa Citizen | Jun 7, 2015

Education has the power to transform the futures of individuals, their families and communities. However, the role of post-secondary institutions in advancing reconciliation between indigenous and non-indigenous peoples extends much further.

Council of Canadian Academies | Apr 30, 2015

The Council of Canadian Academies Releases a New Report,

Some Assembly Required: STEM Skills and Canada's Economic Productivity

April 30, 2015

Lloyd Axworthy, National Post | Apr 29, 2015

Let me begin with a direct counterpoint to the proposition that there are too many kids in Canadian universities. Instead, I believe the opposite.

Apr 14, 2015

Speech by Allan Rock
President of the University of Ottawa

Check against delivery.


Thank you very much for coming today. I am delighted to be a guest of the Economic Club of Canada.

By LOUIS MAHEU & ROBERT LACROIX - University Affairs | Feb 18, 2015

Recent international rankings of universities seem to show that Canada’s major universities are slipping. But looking closer, we’re in fact not doing badly.