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By LOUISE BROWN GTA, Education, Schools to thestar.com | le 26 juill, 2016

Stop mocking that university degree as just a bachelor of barista — new research shows Canada’s post-secondary grads really do land jobs with healthy salaries, suggesting the Ivory Tower isn’t a waste of time after all.

Morgan Lowrie, The Canadian Press | le 23 juill, 2016

MONTREAL -- When she heard the Canadian Space Agency is looking to recruit new astronauts, eight-year-old Sahana Khatri figured she just might be what they're looking for.

Meric Gertler Contributed to The Globe and Mail | le 21 juill, 2016

Meric Gertler is president of the University of Toronto and a professor of urban-economic geography and planning.


UBC News | le 13 juin, 2016

VANCOUVER – A Vancouver-born biomedical researcher who is a pioneer in experimental medicine with an established track record as a senior leader at U.S.

by Ivan Semeniuk, Science Reporter - The Globe and Mail | le 13 juin, 2016

The federal government has named an expert panel to conduct an unprecedented and sweeping review of how it supports university-based scientific research.



By David Barnard for CBC News | le 30 mai, 2016

As students graduate, I hope their university days will not have been the 'best years of their lives'

By David Johnston Contributed to Globe and Mail | le 19 mai, 2016

Are we, or aren’t we? Innovators, that is. Depending on who you ask or where you look, you’ll get a different answer.

By John Ivison to National Post | le 10 mai, 2016

OTTAWA — Roberta Jamieson is used to deviating from the norm. She was the first indigenous woman in Canada to earn a law degree, she’s a former chief of the Six Nations of Grand River territory and was once Ontario’s ombudsman.

By Navdeep Singh Bains - thestar.com | le 7 mai, 2016
By Kirsty Duncan to the Ottawa Citizen | le 6 mai, 2016

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of joining Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on stage when he gave his take on quantum computing.