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UBC News | le 11 sep, 2013

Prof. Stephen Toope, president of the University of British Columbia, has unveiled a five-point strategy to help the University drive forward innovation in the B.C. economy.

The Globe and Mail | le 20 août, 2013

Youth unemployment has been the scourge of much of the developed world throughout the recession and recovery, but the data show that higher education may be the greatest antidote for this economic toxin.

Conseil ontarien de la qualité de l’enseignement supérieur (COQES) | le 23 juill, 2013

Un rapport récent du Conseil ontarien de la qualité de l’enseignement supérieur (COQES) propose de regrouper les 20 universités de la province en au moins trois catégories distinctes en se fondant sur un ensemble de variables utilisées par d’autres territoires de compétence pour différencier leur

The Montreal Gazette | le 15 juill, 2013

Montreal’s status as a university city is weakening and that could mean dire consequences for the city’s economy, according to a new report by the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal.

The Star Phoenix | le 20 juin, 2013

Universities are crucial to society because they drive economies, provide a blanket of career opportunities and are often the locations of important groundbreaking research. 

The Chronicle of Higher Education | le 18 juin, 2013

A new report commissioned by a bipartisan quartet of lawmakers seeks to bolster the sagging fortunes of the humanities and social sciences, arguing that those disciplines are central to the nation's civic, cultural, economic, and diplomatic future.

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives | le 13 juin, 2013

This study finds that public funding for postsecondary education is repaid many times over by graduates in the form of higher personal income taxes paid on the income they earn.

Le Conseil des académies canadiennes | le 22 avr, 2013

Le Conseil des académies canadiennes (CAC) a publié aujourd’hui un nouveau rapport d’experts intitulé Incidences de l’innovation : mesure et évaluation.

Australia’s Group of Eight | le 1 avr, 2013

Universities around the world are coming under greater pressure to increase their productivity, often because of reduced funding in the context of increasing student demand. At the same time, many governments are looking to universities to produce short-term practical outcomes, commercialise thei