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When the first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine arrived in Nova Scotia on December 15th, 2020, it was a milestone day for the pr

Frozen bat tissues and bat droppings could hold the answer to stopping the next coronavirus pandemic.

With the arrival of the first COVID-19 vaccines in Canada, most are eager to roll up their sleeves.

The first volunteers have been selected for a vaccine trial of COVAC-2, a COVID-19 vaccine developed by the Vaccine and infectious Disea

Researchers from the University of Ottawa and The Ottawa Hospital have been awarded $1,050,000 million from the Ca

Pfizer and Moderna announced in recent days that they have vaccine candidates that are over 90 pe

Researchers from McGill University are part of an international team led by the University of Buffalo, which has

New research suggests that the impact of natural and vaccine-induced immunity will be key factors in shaping the future trajectory of the global cor

Vaccination is the most effective public health measure to prevent infectious diseases.

It’s a thrilling process, akin to running a marathon, hundreds of researchers race alongside to find a cure or a vaccine.