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Two Canadian powerhouses in infectious disease research have joined forces in the fight against COVID–19, leading Canada’s response a

To ensure decision-makers have access to the best COVID-19 science in a timely manner, the federal government is investing $1 million

Researchers at McMaster University are studying the saliva-based testing procedures that would enable routin

When COVID-19 attacks, the immune system produces a cytokine, or protein, called Interleukin-6 (IL-6), whose concentrations can offer vital inf

McMaster University professor emeritus Frank Graham has been recognized for the impact of his scientific work almost five decades ago which is

As provinces across Canada are deciding how to restart schools during the pandemic, a research review has found children are not a major source

Researchers at McMaster University are investigating how municipalities across the province could begin to test raw sewage for the coronavirus

Evidence shows that cloth masks, particularly those with several layers of cotton cloth, block droplet and aerosol contamination of the environ