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In the age of COVID-19, news articles and information about the disease, and what we should be doing to prevent its spread, are endless.

McMaster University is now home to an established network of engineers, clinicians, local manufacturers and companies dedicated to advancing pe

The identification lanyard you use to swipe open doors at work may be key to keeping you healthy in a post-COVID19 world, says a University of Calgary e

SASKATOON – University of Saskatchewan (USask) researchers are part of two COVID-19-related projects awarded major federal funding today—one to de

It’s not clear whether people who have recovered from COVID-19 are immune to the coronavirus that causes it, but a new research project

A faster way to detect clusters of COVID-19 infection in the population is critical to avoiding future outbreaks — and what’s going down your drain coul

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Research is showing that part of what makes the virus that causes COVID-19 so deadly is that the body mounts an overreactive immune response as the v