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A team of researchers from the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering are developing a new way to coat tiny particles

The Atlantic Poultry Research Centre on the Dalhousie Agricultural Campus has partnered with AffinityImmuno Inc, in Prince Edward Islan

With COVID-19 ravaging the globe, the race is on to accelerate therapeutics research and find effective treatment options.

Privacy regulation can't keep pace with the supersystems collecting, analyzing, and using personal data.

Vaccination is the most effective public health measure to prevent infectious diseases.

A recent global report published in The Lancet estimates 75,000 cases of sepsis occur in Canada every year, likely causing 18,000 deaths.

Scientists are used to playing the long game, chipping away at a small part of a much larger scientific question, often over the course of many year

Several University of Saskatchewan research centres are supporting the international effort to fight COVID-19 with some of the most advanced resea

As COVID-19 spread across the globe, governments looked to epidemiologists to slow its transmission.