Université Laval

Université Laval, located in the world heritage city of Quebec City, is the first French- language university in North America. We are one of Canada’s top research universities, ranking 7th among the country’s institutions of higher learning with a research budget  of
$331 million last year. Université Laval boasts more than 9,370 employees, including 3,685 professors, lecturers, and other teaching and research  staff  who  share  their  knowledge with more than 43,400 students. We obtained STARS accreditation in 2014, ranking first in Canada and ninth worldwide for sustainable development. In 2015 Université Laval became Canada’s first voluntarily carbon neutral university. We have more than 277,000 alumni.

Research and Learning Environment
Université Laval ranks as one of Canada’s leading research universities, recognized worldwide for the advances of our researchers. Instruction is provided by talented professors who earn high marks for their availability and willingness to help students. Many of our faculty members enjoy international    reputation    in    leading-edge fields. Most UL’s bachelors’ programs include mandatory or optional internships, a great way to put theory into practice and gain experience.

International Engagement
Université Laval has built an international reputation in many top fields. Thirteen percent of its student population comes from more than 120 countries, representing 5,600 permanent resident and international students. The university is recognized for its internships and study visits abroad and is a student mobility leader with 750 agreements with some 500 post secondary institutions and other educational organizations in just under 70 partner countries.


Core Research Strengths: 
Nordic and Artic research
Noncummunicable diseases and healthy lifestyle
Neutrobiology and neurophotonics
Children's social development and academic success
Sustainable developmet: responsibility, law and governance