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@UWaterloo @MaverixPe @ruffoloj @UWaterlooPres @CADInnovators U15 Canada is a proud member of SILICAN, an alliance of semiconductor industry and post-secondary associations, as research-intensive universities strengthen partnerships with industry leaders to promote Canadian success in the semiconductor value chain.

@UWaterloo President Vivek Goel and John Ruffolo of @MaverixPe highlight how universities and business can work to bolster the innovation pipeline and get investment in research flowing. #ScienceForSuccess
@ruffoloj @UWaterlooPres @CADInnovators

Health research in 🇨🇦 has been underfunded for too long!

Without a well-funded system, our world-class talent cannot deliver the life-saving health innovations, medicines & technologies that Canadians deserve & need.

Learn how to help: https://ow.ly/SZO450PNvOo #ResearchInTrouble

.@SBME_UBC's Dr. Nozomu Yachie is combining genome editing, cell engineering, mouse genetics and computational data mining to create innovative technologies that will enable us to dynamically view the cell development and differentiation process. .

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