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"Now is the time to push for an ambitious investment to revitalize Canada’s research enterprise and uphold our most valuable resource: the talented individuals who make up our country."

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Deer in N. America have been ravaged by a disease caused by infectious misfolded proteins.

#USask's Dr. Scott Napper is among those fighting to save them—and, in doing so, helping to protect people against a similar scourge.

Read more via @TheAtlantic: https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2024/02/deer-chronic-wasting-disease-prions-spillover-people/677307/

Le 🇨🇦, qui se situe au 28e rang parmi les pays de l’OCDE pour ce qui est du nombre de personnes détenant des maîtrises et doctorats, doit agir rapidement pour remédier à la pénurie de talents hautement qualifiés et demeurer concurrentiel.

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It’s crucial to address Canada’s shortage of highly-qualified talent.

We rank 28th in the OECD for people with PhDs and master’s, and need more to stay competitive.

Learn more: https://researchcoalition.ca/
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