University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo – Canada’s innovation university – offers the opportunity to earn and learn in the world’s leading co- operative education program, a research- rich environment, and a broad-based entrepreneurial culture. Waterloo creates higher  education  unparalleled  in  depth   of learning and breadth of experience. As the academic engine of one of the world’s top startup ecosystems, and with world-class research institutes in quantum information, water, health, energy, information technology and transportation, Waterloo is committed to utilizing new knowledge and ideas for the benefit of all.

Research and Learning Environment
Waterloo’s success is grounded in excellence in teaching, research and scholarship, residing in each of our six faculties: Applied Health Sciences, Arts, Engineering, Environment, Mathematics and Science. Early exposure to research, experience-rich work terms, a wealth of entrepreneurial opportunities and a strong focus on teaching excellence create a unique learning environment. Our dedication to education begins with equity-focused initiatives that open doors to education for all learners, and extend around the world.

International Engagement
Waterloo embraces research that ventures beyond conventional boundaries, convening global coalitions of researchers and institutions to tackle the thorniest challenges across frontier disciplines. We are working to become the most internationalized university in Canada by playing to our strengths in co- operative education and research, and affiliating with the most innovative universities and organizations on earth. Waterloo co-op students find work with companies in 65 countries, while alumni are making their mark in 152 countries.

Core Research Strengths: 
Discovery and design of materials and systems
Environment and energy
Health and wellbeing
Information and computing technology
Manufacturing and devices
Mathematical sciences and computer science
Society, culture and governance
Quantum information and nanotechnology