Global Research-Intensive Universities Network issue Berlin Statement

July 2, 2024 (OTTAWA, ON) – U15 Canada has joined its international partners through
the Global Research-Intensive Universities Network to sign a joint statement
articulating the role and contribution of research-intensive universities in a changing
global context and reaffirming the fundamental principles of research excellence and
academic freedom to mobilize knowledge to the benefit of all.

The Global Research-Intensive Universities Network (GRIUN) brings together the
Association of American Universities, the German U15, the Group of Eight Australia,
the League of European Research Universities, the Research University 11 of Japan
and the Russell Group in the UK, alongside U15 Canada, representing many of the
world’s leading research-intensive universities.

The statement, signed at a meeting of GRIUN members in Berlin on June 13 and 14
2024, reaffirms the commitment of research-intensive universities to the principles of
free expression and critical discussion in an environment of robust civility, the
advancement and dissemination of knowledge and the preparation of the next
generation with the knowledge and tools for research and innovation.

“The Berlin Statement reaffirms the collective commitment of research-universities to
partner together through shared challenges and to centre our role on longstanding
principles of research excellence, open debate and the mobilization of talent and
knowledge to the benefit of all, which have long been core to the mission of research-intensive
universities” said Dr. Chad Gaffield, CEO of U15 Canada.

The full statement is available online:

About U15 Canada
U15 Canada is an association of fifteen leading research universities across Canada.
U15 Canada works to optimize research and innovation policies and programs that
advance knowledge, develop highly-qualified leaders for all sectors, and mobilize
knowledge for the benefit of all Canadians. In this way, U15 Canada seeks to help
Canadian universities make a prosperous, sustainable and just future for all.

For further information, please contact:
James Hammond, Director of Public Affairs


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