University of Manitoba

For nearly 140 years, the University of Manitoba has been recognized as Manitoba’s premier university– shaping our leaders, enhancing our community, and conducting world-class research. Our home is Manitoba but our impact is global. The university has a tradition of excellence in research, scholarly  work and creative activities. Our connection to the agricultural and natural landscapes of the Canadian Prairie, to the Arctic, to local and Indigenous communities, has shaped our research focus. We have made pioneering contributions in many fields and developed life-changing solutions to problems faced by peoples in Manitoba, Canada and the world.

Research and Learning Environment
The University of Manitoba is the province’s research university: research informs our teaching and teaching informs our research. We provide high-quality liberal arts, science and professional programs that are consistent with our mission and size. Our university equips our undergraduate and graduate students to be locally and globally engaged citizens who understand the importance and contributions of Indigenous peoples in Manitoba and Canada. We are committed to ensuring our students have an outstanding educational experience.

International Engagement
Through projects and collaborative activities around the world, University of Manitoba faculty, staff and students bring international perspectives to learning and research and enrich the overall university experience. They become crucial agents of change in our local and global community. For example, the university engages on two continents through Partners for Health Development in Africa and the Karnataka Health Promotion Trust in India. Our International Centre offers exchange opportunities with partner universities in dozens of countries.

Core Research Strengths: 
Artic system science and climate change
Immunity, inflammation and infectious diseases
Population and global health
High performance materials, structures and processes
Human rights and social justice
Sustainable systems for resilient communities
Culture and creative works
Fundamental research
Integrative research in health and well-being
Sustainable water management systems