Harnessing AI to help pinpoint cancerous tumours

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University of Waterloo LogoUniversity of Waterloo engineers use AI to advance cancer treatment monitoring

Engineers from the University of Waterloo are harnessing artificial intelligence to help doctors better see and control a non-invasive cancer treatment and, in the process, save lives.

Their imaging system will allow for the safer and more effective use of high-intensity, focused ultrasound to destroy a wide range of cancerous, often deadly, tumours

“We are addressing a huge challenge for focused ultrasound treatment,” explained project leader Moslem Sadeghi Goughari, a research associate in the university’s Department of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering. “Our imaging system can tell doctors exactly how much of a cancerous tissue is destroyed. And it’s the first AI-powered ultrasound technique developed for focused ultrasound treatment.”….

Harnessing AI to help pinpoint cancerous tumours | Waterloo News | University of Waterloo (uwaterloo.ca)

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