Coalition for Canadian Research welcomes major new investment in research

April 22, 2024 (OTTAWA, ON) – The Coalition for Canadian Research has welcomed the significant federal investment into Canada’s research system outlined in Budget 2024. This funding will provide a major boost to the core budgets of the federal research granting agencies and a long overdue increase to federally funded scholarships and fellowships.

This commitment to support science and talented Canadian researchers represents an exciting opportunity for the research community and for Canada to deliver on a vision of internationally competitive, dynamic and successful research into the future that will benefit all Canadians. The increased funding will primarily flow to graduate students and early career-researchers, Canada’s next generation, supporting a renewed pipeline of highly qualified talent and ensuring that Canada has the people it needs to prosper. What is more, increased funding for the federal research granting agencies will ensure that more researchers at all career levels are supported and more promising ideas are pursued, fortifying the entire Canadian research continuum.

The Coalition for Canadian Research, representing the voices of post-secondary institutions, health research institutes and healthcare organizations, leading life sciences companies, university and hospital-based researchers, university faculty, health charities, student leaders, graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and early career researchers across Canada, was formed in Fall 2023. Bringing leading advocacy organizations from across the research community together towards a shared vision of an ambitious and substantial reinvestment into the research ecosystem, the Coalition proposed an increase to the base budgets of the federal research granting agencies (NSERC, SSHRC and CIHR) and an increase to graduate scholarship and post-doctoral fellowship award amounts.

Following calls from the research community through the Coalition and the clear recommendations articulated in the Bouchard Report, we are pleased to see the government respond and deliver a meaningful level of support for researchers. While there will continue to be financial pressures in light of mounting international competition and heightened inflation, the funding presented in Budget 2024 provides a meaningful base to support Canadian research through turbulent times.

Indeed, by choosing to invest in funding which supports researchers, the majority of this investment will flow to talented Canadian researchers, helping keep them in Canada and opening opportunities for the next generation of researchers to succeed. The federal government has signalled a belief in the possibilities of highly qualified talent to grow ideas, forge new technologies and tackle pressing challenges. Canadian researchers are ready to meet this ambition and build the knowledge and innovations Canada will need to succeed in the 21st century.

The Coalition for Canadian Research is made up of the following groups:

  • Association of Faculties of Medicines of Canada
  • Canadian Association for Graduate Studies
  • Canadian Alliance of Student Associations
  • Canadian Association of University Teachers
  • Evidence for Democracy
  • Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences
  • HealthCareCAN
  • Health Charities Coalition of Canada
  • Research Canada
  • Support our Science
  • U15 Canada
  • Universities Canada

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Additional Quotes:

 “The future health and economic wellbeing of Canadians relies heavily on a strong health research ecosystem and the ability of emerging clinician-scientists to make a living wage. Without these drivers of discovery, we risk falling further behind G7 countries when it comes to the treatment of new illnesses and disease. We also miss out on the positive economic inputs this work brings into the Canadian economy. The AFMC celebrates the investments made in these areas this week.” – Dr. Constance LeBlanc, President and CEO, The Associaiton of Faculties of Medicine of Canada

 “The Board of Directors of the Canadian Association for Graduate Studies (CAGS) is delighted by the significant investments and long-term commitments to the Canadian research ecosystem that were outlined in Budget 2024. We are grateful to the federal government for recognizing and supporting the critical roles played by graduate students and postdoctoral scholars in driving innovation, building an ideas-based economy, and creating new opportunities for growth.” – Ian Wereley, Executive Director, Canadian Association for Graduate Studies

 “This investment in Canada’s next generation of researchers will help recruit promising scholars and support them as they advance our understanding of the world around us. It will encourage early-career scientists and researchers to develop their ideas and innovations here, benefitting all Canadians.” – Peter McInnis, President, the Canadian Association of University Teachers

 “This Budget delivers on urgently needed support for graduate students, postdoctoral scholars and the research community across Canada. This strengthened investment in research and researchers across disciplines will bolster our capacity to confront Canada’s most pressing challenges.” – Dr. Mike DeGagné, interim Chief Administrator, Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences 

HealthCareCAN welcomes the important new investment in research in the 2024 federal budget and the announcement of a new capstone research funding organization to advance international, collaborative, multi-disciplinary and mission-driven research. We look forward to continuing to work closely with the government to ensure the new body incorporates a strong new vision for health research in Canada.” – Paul-Émile Cloutier, President & CEO, HealthCareCAN.

“A strong health research ecosystem relies an adequate funding. Investments made to research in Budget 2024 will anchor Canada’s research enterprise and is crucial to attracting and retaining research talent in Canada.” – Connie Côté, CEO, Health Charities Coalition of Canada

 “We welcome the government’s investments in research, innovation, and talent as these are critical for the wellbeing of Canadians and Canada’s resiliency and prosperity for generations to come. We look forward to continued collaboration with partners across the ecosystem and to working with government on how to prioritize, implement, and build a brighter future.” – Alison Evans, President and CEO, Research Canada

“This significant investment will directly benefit thousands of graduate students and postdoctoral scholars across Canada and sets a new benchmark for compensation. It will improve the well-being of next-generation researchers and will make research more inclusive and diverse by easing barriers for underrepresented groups.” – Kaitlin Kharas, Executive Director of Support Our Science.

In this budget, the government has responded to the collective advocacy of researchers, students and innovators with a compelling vision for a more prosperous, resilient and dynamic Canada. By investing in Canadian talent, they have confirmed their belief in science and the potential of Canada’s next generation of researchers to help build a successful future for us all” – Dr. Chad Gaffield, CEO, U15.

“Canada’s future economic well-being relies on its people, ideas and communities. Budget 2024’s much-needed investments in leading-edge research will help to propel Canadian productivity and job growth for years to come.” Gabriel Miller, President of Universities Canada

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 James Hammond

Director of Public Affairs, U15 Canada


Coalition for Canadian Research – Budget Response – April 22 – EN


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