U15 Canada welcomes major new investment in Canada’s top talent

April 16, 2024 (OTTAWA, ON) – U15 Canada welcomes the significant new research funding outlined in Budget 2024. This funding will provide a major boost to the core budgets of the federal research granting agencies and a long overdue increase to federally funded scholarships and fellowships. U15 Canada is also looking forward to engaging with the federal government concerning the proposed governance updates proposed in Budget 2024 to facilitate interdisciplinary, international, and mission-driven research.

Budget 2024’s increase in the core research budgets of the federal granting agencies will support exciting new research possibilities, making more funding available for top talent with the ideas and innovations to advance knowledge and build a better future for all Canadians. Much of the increased research funding will flow to graduate students and early career-researchers, supporting a renewed pipeline of the highly qualified talent that Canada needs across all sectors.

The targeted boost to federally funded scholarships and fellowships means the next generation will have access to adequate and internationally competitive financial support. Rather than fearing brain drain, Canada can now retain and attract the most promising students, researchers, and partners to help confront the challenges and seize the opportunities of today as well as the near and distant future. In addition, funding for some of Canada’s major research infrastructure and AI computing capacity will help Canada compete internationally through hubs of research excellence in emerging fields.

“Budget 2024 builds on the winning strategy that was launched in the late 1990s to prepare Canada for the new economy and society of the 21st century. By developing highly qualified talent who can advance knowledge and drive innovation across all sectors, this strategy is now being adopted by leading countries around the world,” said Dr. Chad Gaffield, CEO of U15 Canada.

Today’s budget investments respond to the recommendations of the government’s advisory panel and the calls for increased funding advocated by U15 Canada and the wider research community through the Coalition for Canadian Research. In doing so, government has laid out a vision for a prosperous, dynamic, and resilient Canada and proposed investments that reclaim for Canada a central position in the increasingly competitive global landscape.

“In today’s budget, the government has responded to the collective advocacy of researchers, students and innovators with a compelling vision for a more prosperous, resilient and dynamic Canada. By investing in Canadian research, they have confirmed their belief in science and the potential of Canada’s next generation to help build a successful future for us all,” added Dr. Gaffield.

“U15 Canada is a proud member of the Coalition for Canadian Research. Through the Coalition, advocacy leaders from across the research community united around a shared vision for an ambitious research investment. We are thankful that the new investments will help the entire research ecosystem to thrive in the coming years for the benefit of all Canadians. Our collective future just became much brighter. We are thankful for this support and look forward to continuing to work with the federal government to optimize the new funding as well as the governance changes indicated for the research support system.”

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The U15 Group of Canadian Research Universities is a collective of Canada’s leading research-intensive universities. Although each institution advances its own research and education mandate, The U15 Directorate works for the collective interest of all our members. We foster the development and delivery of long-term, sustainable higher education and research policy, in Canada and around the world.

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23-04-16 – Press Release – Budget 2024 Statement


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