Statement by Dr. Amit Chakma, Chair of the U15 Group of Canadian Research Universities on the recent government announcement to fund space based research.

“On behalf of the U15 and its member institutions, I would like to congratulate Minister Moore and the government of Canada for their support and investment in space based research and industry. Space is not only the final frontier, but traditionally an excellent venue for Canadian universities and companies to research and produce new technologies and procedures that have in the past resulted in many direct and indirect benefits in the fields of health, communications, transportation and security. We in Canada’s research intensive universities look forward to continuing our productive relationship with industry to further Canada’s position as a global leader in space based research. We also look forward to providing input on the federal government’s newly announced Space Policy Framework for Canada as the institutions that will train the next generation of space engineers and astronauts. Investments in research and industrial excellence help maintain Canada’s economic strength and its reputation as a place to study globally, we continue to applaud government actions and policies that further our standing.”