Statement from Dr. Elizabeth Cannon, Vice-Chair, U15

OTTAWA – The U15 would like to congratulate the council members for once again producing an insightful and engaging report about the status of Science, Technology and Innovation in Canada. The report very accurately explains that while Canada does well producing university graduates in all disciplines, we are not keeping pace internationally in the granting of PhD's in Engineering and Science or in the uptake by industry of post-graduate students to ensure that top Canadian talent remains in Canada and continues to contribute to our economy. 

One of the most significant things explored in the report is the need for business to increase their investment in research across the board. There is a significant push right now by the government for universities to continue commercializing research being conducted on their campuses, but it is equally important that the private sector match that momentum with their own direct investments. Canadian industry needs to be able to capitalize on what research universities produce if we are going to be able to compete globally.