Statement - Openness, Diversity Vital to Research Enterprise: The U15.

OTTAWA, ON January 30, 2017— During a time of growing international tension, the U15-Group of Canadian Research Universities would like to underscore its deep commitment to openness and diversity within our universities and our communities.

Diversity of perspectives, background, and experience improve the quality of scholarship and research. These characteristics within our academic community generate the knowledge and discoveries that improve society in Canada and around the globe.

The fundamental values of academic freedom and freedom of mobility to pursue learning and collaborative partnerships are vital to the health and well-being of the research enterprise. Our universities stand with our students, faculty, and staff, many of whom come from other countries, and who enrich our campuses and our society by bringing their unique perspectives to bear on the challenges facing the world. Without such openness and collaboration, the global research endeavour will suffer tremendous damage. 

Our universities pledge to uphold, through both words and deeds, our core belief that diversity and mobility strengthens us all.